Monday, 20 July 2015

Monday July 20th Maite Zumalde

Monday    July  20th    by   Maite Zumalde

9.15-10.45       Making Trailers           Claudia Rey 

We learned how to use 

imovies     for ipads and Macs


Some teachers continued working on their projects and others went to the classroom to work with stories.

14.00-16.00   Language: Clothes and Fashion   Johanna Stirling

1st Activity

We stood up in a circle looking at what people were wearing. We could ask questions about pieces of clothing difficult to describe.
Then we turned round and one person started describing somebody in the circle. The person guessing the name went on again standing up in the middle.

2nd Activity

We had a discussion at our tables following these instructions:

After that the whole class had a feedback.

3rd Activity

In pairs we identified and crossed out the odd one of group of words and added two more.
We chose four of the words and drew them.
The class was divided in two groups and went around talking to each other and trying to guess what we drew.

4th Activity

We watched this video and revised some of the vocabulary.

5th Activity

We listened to a pod cast and took notes. We could learn how clothes tell us about the characters in a novel.

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