Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Monday July 13th: Exploiting mystery stories and plays in the ESL classroom

On Monday July 13th, we learnt how to exploit mystery stories in class using several texts based on the Sherlock Holmes series.
Working in our groups we tried a jigsaw activity and tested our abilities as detectives. I've prepared this presentation using Powtoon so that we all remember how to plan for and carry out this lesson. I hope you enjoy it.


Claudia also used a Playscript of Edgar Alan Poe's The Purloined Letter and a comic version of  Shakespeare's Macbeth to show us how readers' theatre can be used in class to practice not only reading but also pronunciation and intonation.

In the afternoon we visited Dragon's Hall, home to the Norwich Writer's Centre since April 2015. Jonathan Morley, its Programme Director, gave us a warm welcome, a tour of their amazing XV century building and a very interesting talk about the different programmes, literary events, courses and festivals that the Writer's Centre fosters.

MST's meeting with Jonathan Morley

Here are some of the reasons why the Writer's Centre is definitely an asset to Britain's literary scene: 

Click on the links if you're interested in learning more about these or follow the Writers' Centre on TwitterFacebook or Youtube 

Dragon Hall, Norwich

by Raquel Romero 

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