Tuesday, 21 July 2015

14th of July

Morning classes
Educational Visits

During the morning lessons, as the previous Tuesday.  the class was divided into two groups,

One of the groups went to visit a school, an Academy, and the other one went to visit the Castle.

-Visiting the Castle

The visit to the castle was divided into three periods.

1.- An individual visit to the museum with Art and  History  worksheets.
2.- A guided tour  to the Dungeons
2.-  A creative writing period


1.- learning Art and  History from objects.
2.- Listening to a guided tour
3.- Using the visit as an inspiration for creative writing.

-      A spider diagram .
-      A Castle Museum Art Worksheet
-      A Castle Museum History Worksheet
-      A prisoner´s diary sheet.


-The ss. are given  one hour and a half to walk around the museum . They are asked to choose a meaningful object for them
The mind map and the worksheet should be used as guidelines to think about the  Historical or artistic value of the chosen object.

-      General meeting at the hall for a guided visit to the Dungeons of the prison. The ss. have to listen to the guide and be sensitive and attentive so that they can understand what it was like to be a prisoner in the Middle Ages.
-      The ss. are given time to write a diary entry. They are
-      They are asked to write a diary entry.
A piece of creative writing using their imagination, what they have learnt about history and what they have felt in the dungeons to make it more vivid.

Afternoon classes

-Feedback on the visits
-Project work

-Back at Nile the whole group, we are divided in groups to be able to share the impressions we have of the school visit.

All have visited the same school but on different days and we are asked to compare and contrast the two visits, first in small groups and then with the whole class.

The facilities and the library were real impressive .

The discipline wasn't optima but considering these are the last two weeks , we didn't think it was relevant.

-The Project
We are given time to work in small groups for the final project of this course.


Liberté, Fraternité et  Egualité 

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