Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Activities July 7

Morning Activities

The  report on the morning activities is supposed to be postponed as they are subject to top secret.
Nevertheless, I find it necessary to express my gratitude to those who are responsible for the brilliant idea of including them in our today´s schedule.
We were exposed to and immersed in a delightful   British  English spiced up generously with  witty humour, which made the whole experience unforgettable.

Afternoon Activities

A Graded Approach to  William Wordsworth´s  Poem 

It Was an April Morning was the chosen literary text to teach both literature and English.

The  lesson plan included a wide array of activities focused not only on literature but  on the use of language as  well. The  starter  based  on drawing  aroused the motivation, created the context  and allowed to preteach some lexical items from the poem. Making students stand up, after reading and listening to the poem, in order to cooperate  in exchanging the information on the  key words added a dynamic touch to the teaching methods. We appreciated the teacher´s remarks on semantic nuances and  grammar   peculiarities, as well   as the  suggestion to split the  poem adjusting it to the     students´  needs so that diffrent groups  can work on a shorter text explaining it to their classmates afterwards.

 I personally find the afternoon class extremely attractive and useful for our professional purpose.

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