Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Welcome to Norwich, Welcome to your Blog!

Hello and welcome to NILE and Norwich!

This blog is for you. We will ask each of you to sign up for one day during the course when you will be responsible for taking notes throughout the day and then writing it up on the blog that evening (or as soon as possible afterwards). Your post can be as long or short as you wish. It can include:

  • a summary of what you did
  • what you are taking away from the sessions - the main things you leanrt
  • how you can adapt what you learnt to you own teaching situation
  • things it made you think about - use the blog to start a discussion
  • any other type of reflection
You don't have to include all of these - just whatever you think is most useful to you and your colleagues.

We will also ask you to do a very brief (5 mins) talk to the rest of the class about the previous day. Again best if it is more than just a description - what was useful and why? What would you need to adapt for use in your school? What questions has it thrown up? etc. Please try not to read it out- you should be able to do this with notes only.

The talks and blogposts were fabulous last year - looking forward to your contributions.